Management Team


Mr. J.J. Patel (CEO, Sungloss Ceramic Industries)

Mr. J. J. Patel has been in the tiles industry since year. He has done the (degree) from .., and has extensive industry experience in the field of production and marketing. His responsibilities include the management of company, overseeing the departments, as well as serving as company representative and spokesman at international level. In addition to his industry experience, he also served as (worked for any other company, or member of any association...).

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Mr. N.J. Patel (President, Production Department, Sungloss Ceramic Industries)

Mr. Nirav J. Patel has obtained his degree from in year. As a son of the founder, he has spent many years in learning about the growth of Sungloss Ceramic Industries in the marketplace, even prior to beginning of his career in tiles industry. He has joined Sungloss Ceramic Industries in year. With his dedication, loyalty and vast experience in Planning and Production of ceramic tiles, he was promoted as President of Production Department. He has successfully managed many projects...mention projects. 

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Mr. R.J. Patel (Marketing Manager, Sungloss Ceramic Industries)

Mr. Rajan J. Patel, son of Mr. J. J. Patel has done his degree from in year. He is well-focused with his responsibilities and strives to move their business to greater heights. He is profitably working with Sungloss Ceramic Industries from year. He served the company in various roles including Sales Manager, Outside Sales Representative and a Consultant within his area of operation. He leads the implementation of sales strategies in the marketing field including management of sales department.

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